Shabana Azmi



Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Date of Birth: September 18, 1951

Nationality: Indian

Shabana Azmi Net Worth | Early Life, Career, Awards

Currently, Shabana Azmi is worth an estimated $1.5 million. Shabana Azmi was born in India on September 18, 1951. According to horoscope experts, Virgo is Shabana Azmi’s star sign.

Azmi is one of India’s most celebrated actresses, and she has built a reputation for playing strong, independent women in various genres.

Early Life:

Azmi was born in Hyderabad, India, to a Shia family. Her father was the Indian poet Kaifi Azmi, and her mother was the veteran actress Shaukat Azmi of the Indian People’s Theatre Association. 

Both of her parents were active in the Communist Party of India. Tanvi Azmi’s sister-in-law is also an actress, and her brother, Baba Azmi, is a cinematographer. Ali Sardar Jafri gave the name Azmi to his then-eleven-year-old son. 

Her old family name for her was Munni. Family, community and individual values were instilled in her from an early age, and she had unwavering parental encouragement to pursue her interests in higher learning.


For high school, Azmi enrolled at Queen Mary in Mumbai. Before attending the Film and Television Institute of India, she earned an M.A. in psychology from Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s College. Jaya Bhaduri inspired her. That’s the reason she pursued film studies.

_Shabana Azmi


After finishing his education at the FTII in 1973, Azmi began working on Khwaja Ahmad Abbas’ Faasla and Kanti Lal Rathod’s Parinay. However, Shyam Benegal’s breakthrough film Ankur was her first to be released (1974). 

Ankur is a film that takes place in Hyderabad and is based on a true story; it is a neorealistic art film. Azmi took on the role of Lakshmi, a peasant and married servant who has an affair with a college student who comes to the town on break. 

Several prominent women of the time declined to star in the film, and Azmi was not the first option. The film was a smashing success at the box office and Azmi was honored with the National Film Award for Best Actress.

As a result of her performances in Arth, Khandhar, and Paar, she was honored with the National Film Award for three years running (from 1983 to 1985). 

Through her work in Godmother (1999), she was honored with a record-breaking fifth National Film Award. Azmi’s performances have been lauded for their realistic portrayal of their characters. 

While in Mandi, she ran a brothel as the madam. She gained weight and chewed betel nut for the role. Almost all of her films depicted realistic scenarios. 

In Khandhar, she played the role of Jamini, a lady who accepts her fate, and in Masoom, she portrayed a typical urban Indian housewife, mother, and breadwinner.

She was primarily seen in independent and alternative Indian film. Radha, the character Deepa Mehta plays in her 1996 film Fire, falls in love with her brother’s wife. 

The Empire, 2021 is an Indian historical drama The Empire, produced by Disney+ Hotstar and based on Alex Rutherford’s novel series Empire of the Moghul, starred Azmi as San Dawlat. 

_Shabana Azmi

Family Life:

The people closest to Shabana Azmi in her life are her family and friends. She has a strong bond with both of her parents. She is an avid traveler as well. She and her parents are regulars at a store carrying kurtas and sarees, so it’s clear that she enjoys window shopping.

Shabana has a passion for the kitchen and all things baked. This is a talent that she picked up from her mom. She does it mainly to help support her loved ones. When Shabana and her mom dine, they frequently frequent restaurants. A trip to see the family is always a good time for them.

Shabana’s parents have also been seen out to supper. They would get together every week or two for meals and hang around to watch television.

They even went on picnics on occasion. Because of their busy schedules, her parents can spend as much time as possible with her and their daughter.

Shabana’s dad used to go on walks with him on the weekend. As philanthropists, Shabana’s parents set an excellent example for their daughter. They regularly assist those who require assistance. Aside from hosting a few events, Shabana enjoys viewing documentaries.


Shabana Azmi has achieved several achievements in her career. Among them is being awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award. 

The highest civilian honor in India, the Padma Shri, is awarded for outstanding services in different fields. She also received 5 national film fair award for best actress.  


She has appeared in over a hundred commercial and independent movies in the Hindi language. 

Several of her films have been honored at the Norwegian Film Institute, the Smithsonian Institution, and the American Film Institute, among other prestigious institutions throughout the world and Scandinavia. 

She has made several appearances in foreign films, which have been critically acclaimed. Her continued success is something we all wish for.

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$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

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