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Net Worth: 00 million dollars

Date of Birth: 8 September 1950

Nationality: American

SanDee Pitnick

SanDee Pitnick was born on 8 September 1950 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. She is a dancer and actress most well-known for her role in the (1980) film Working Hard Telethon (2014). She plays the role of a dancer in the film. Despite her talent as an actress, she rose to popularity via her wedding to multi-faceted Hollywood icon Jerry Lewis. During her youth, and early age, her husband, Jerry, was well-known for his various talents and accomplishments. The couple married in 1983 until Jerry’s passing in August 2017.

While his death shocked his fans, he made the family, particularly his wife, San-Dee Pitnick, and children, a public celebrity.

SanDee Pitnick net worth 

Although accurate income and asset information is tough to obtain. This section also includes controversies from followers. Sandee Pitnick has a net worth of $100 million.

SanDee Pitnick life cycle -Want to know (Bio)

SanDee Pitnick life cycle -Want to know (Bio)


Sandra Pitnick was Jerry Lewis’ wife, born in the United States. She is a secretive person. Therefore, little is known concerning her, such as her actual month and day of birth, childhood, and family history. All we learn is that because she’s from a middle-class American family, she is American and white.

SanDee maintained details regarding her training secret and never revealed such data to the media. Despite this, a glimpse at the beautiful lady reveals she is well-educated. As an artist and dancer, she should have studied at a well-known college in the United States with a degree in acting and performance.

Pitnick was indeed an irregular actress, resulting in the fact she does not have many films under her credit, according to an analysis of her career. Meanwhile, it should be mentioned that her late husband produced all of the films and television shows in which she appeared. She became well-known in 1980 when she featured in dance in the American comedy Hardly Working. Her late husband, Jerry Lewis, also appeared in the film. According to the wiki SanDee Pitnick

SanDee Pitnick Relationship with her husband

SanDee Pitnick life cycle -Want to know (Bio)

As previously stated, SanDee Pitnick was the better half of the late Hollywood icon Jerry Lewis. Jerry was well-known in the American movie business for his unrivaled achievements. He has produced several films; most films were made on specific characters and suspense.  

Among his best-known pieces are The Nutty Professor, Cinderfella, The Errand Boy, The Sad Sack, Don’t Give Up The Ship, and The Familyjewels. He was distinguished and recognized due to his amazing comedy and acting abilities. Surprisingly, Lewis was known for his films’ box office returns, which exceeded $800 million.

In the early 1980s, SanDee Pitnick first encountered the comic book celebrity. At the time, he was still wedded to his initial wife, Patti Palmer. Jerry and Palmer were married from 1944 to September 1980, when they divorced. 

Jerry proposed to Pitnick immediately after their divorce, and she accepted. On February 13, 1983, the couple walked down the aisle, and their wedding took place in Key Biscayne, Florida. Lewis died in 2017 after being married for 34 years.

SanDee Pitnick Children

Pitnick reportedly suffered twice on miscarriage during her marriage to Lewis. As a result, the parents opted to adopt a kid jointly. They later adopted Danielle Sara Lewis, who was born on March 24, 1992.

Pitnick was indeed the stepmother to Jerry’s 6 children from his first marriage to Patti Palmer when their daughter Danielle was born. All of them  Gary Lewis, an American musician (born July 31, 1945), Scott Lewis (born February 22, 1956), Christopher Lewis (born October 1957), Anthony Joseph Lewis (born October 1959), and Joseph Christopher Lewis (born January 1964 – October 2009). In 1949, Jerry Lewis and his first wife acquired a son called Ronald Steven Lewis.

Unfortunately, her youngest son, Joseph, passed away on October 24, 2009.

Joe, who had a poor connection with his father, is realized to have passed away from a drug overdose.

SanDee Pitnick hidden information regarding the lady

Other Interesting Facts regarding Jerry Lewis’ Wife

      1. SanDee Pitnick was Jerry Lewis’ new wife, but it was also her second marriage. There aren’t any details about her first spouse or their marriage.

  1. Her husband, Jerry, died in August 2017 at the age of 91, from what is assumed to be heart failure. Lewis died from a multitude of illnesses, involving prostate cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, Mellitus, and coronary heart disease.
  2. Danielle, SanDee’s daughter with Jerry, was her sole daughter; but she loved her other 6 sons like her own children.
  3. It was revealed after his death that Jerry Lewis left his assets to SanDee and her daughter, leaving his other children out of his will.

She struggled a lot in life. After maintaining the family she kept a huge contribution within a short time. By watching the talent directors elected her for lead roles. The fancy look, emotional acting, and better presentation blow up the movie script in front of listeners. Under her circumstance adopted boy got a better place of living. Later he started his career as a dedicated composer.

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$8 Million

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$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

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