Robert Plaster


Business Man

Net Worth: $5 Billion

Date of Birth: 1949

Nationality: American

Robert Plaster Family Net Worth | Early Life, Career, Awards

Robert Plaster established the plaster family’s $5 billion net worth. American citizen Robert Plaster was born in 1949. He was also an entrepreneur. And he was very successful. 

Robert Plaster was one of the richest men in the world. His net worth was $5 billion. He was born in 1949. He worked with his father in his father’s plumbing business. Later, he started his own construction company. 

He was known for being an investor and an entrepreneur. His investments include properties, companies, and real estate. In 1979, Robert Plaster and his wife founded Plaster Companies which is an architectural, design, and construction firm that specializes in public works and commercial and industrial construction. 

Robert Plaster

His wife was named Barbara Plaster. They have two sons and five grandchildren. They live in Lake Elsinore, California. They also have a ranch in Southern California. He owns his own plane. He has invested in real estate including hotels. He also has a home in Palm Desert, California. 

He earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Arizona State University. In 1996, Plaster sold his company for $150 million. After this, he decided to pursue a career in real estate. He is considered one of the richest men in America today. 

His wealth comes mainly from property investments, and residential and commercial real estate. His net worth has increased over the years due to his successful investments in real estate.

Early Life:

Robert Plaster’s early life was very good. He was born in a place called Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 19, 1958. As a boy, Robert didn’t like school very much. 

He wasn’t a good student, and he was told by his parents that he should stay out of the classroom. But the older he grew, the more he wanted to be in school. In the sixth grade, Robert started reading books on sports. 

He was interested in baseball, and he wanted to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This made him very determined to be a professional athlete. He spent his time on the baseball field instead of going to class, and he did well in this sport. 

By high school, Robert had decided that he wanted to be a pro basketball player. He started to play basketball in college, but after his sophomore year, he dropped out. He got his GED and went back to school. 

He enrolled at Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He earned a master’s degree from Stanford University, and later graduated from the USC School of Law. 

He also holds an honorary doctorate degree from Pepperdine University, and he has received many other awards for his contributions to the community. Today, he lives in a home in Hollywood Hills, California.


Robert Plaster was very successful in his profession. He has helped hundreds of families build great homes in Orange County. He worked on several projects in California. 

His current project in California is called the Pacific Palisades. The Pacific Palisades is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. There are a lot of parks and beaches in the Pacific Palisades, and the people in the area enjoy swimming and fishing. 

Plaster worked with many famous people over the years. He has helped famous actors and actresses build their dream homes. He built the home of the famous musician Prince. He also helped Michael Jackson build his new home. 

His clients enjoyed living in his homes. He also worked with some prominent real estate agents. His clients became loyal customers, and his company did very well.

Family Life:

Robert Plaster loves his family very much. He wants to make sure that he makes his children and his wife happy. This means that he works hard in order to provide them with the best possible lifestyle. 

He also wants to spend quality time with his family. He likes to take them places to eat. He also likes to spend time with them at the park. He helps out at school and he spends time doing other things to help make his family’s life easier. 

Plaster built a lot of his clientele after he went into business with some friends. It was through this association that he got to know many famous people. He made it a point to help them build their dream homes. Many of his clients were actors, musicians, and other prominent people.

It took him quite some time to earn their trust and build a relationship with them. He eventually became known as one of the best and most trusted residential builders in Los Angeles. 

He enjoyed helping these clients and his reputation grew with each new project. In fact, the Hollywood film industry started to notice his work. They hired him to build some homes for a few of their famous stars. His work has since gone on to be featured on movie sets all over the world. 


Robert Plaster has achieved many impressive things in his career. He built a good name for himself and earned a lot of money doing it. Not only did he build houses, but he also helped many Hollywood stars build their dream homes. 

He knew how to earn their trust and become a part of their lives. In addition, he did this all without using any of his own money. Robert was able to achieve this by investing in real estate. 

He found out that he had a talent for building and he could earn a decent amount of money from this. Over the years, his expertise has gone on to be appreciated by many people.

In today’s world, we all need help. Whether it’s in the form of a hand-out or money to pay for our bills, people need help sometimes. There are lots of opportunities out there for us to make money. 

Some jobs are very interesting and fun to do. These include jobs that are related to building and construction. The construction industry provides people with lots of opportunities to make money. 

People have done well in this industry and they can continue to do well by sticking with it. The following are some job opportunities in the construction field.


Robert Plaster loves to do gardening. He has a small lawn on his property. He loves to tend to his plants. His plants look beautiful, and he loves to go outside and work in his garden. 

He is a hard worker, and he likes to plant, grow, and take care of his plants. Robert wants to be a landscaper, and he does not know what he wants to specialize in. He is interested in planting different types of flowers in the yard and in other areas of the house. 

He likes to have beautiful gardens and yards around the house. He wants to work in a place like that. People with jobs in construction help build houses, office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, and other kinds of structures. 

When people buy new houses, they usually hire contractors to build the houses for them. They also use contractors to repair houses that were built before. The contractors that build houses and the ones that repair homes must be licensed. 

This is required by law so that the customers can be sure that the builders and the repairmen will not cause harm to the home or to their property.

Builders and other people in the construction industry must have a license to work as a contractor. They must be trained in building safety laws and must pass a test to get their license. All workers in the construction industry must have at least a high school diploma.

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