Press Waffle Co. is a successful business that started out as a small operation at local farmers markets and food festivals. They have since opened multiple brick-and-mortar locations across the US and Canada, developed an online presence, been featured on many television shows, magazines and newspapers, partnered with major companies such as Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market and Starbucks, and expanded their product offerings to include other treats like ice cream sandwiches, cookies and brownies. The two brothers behind the company are Jon Allen (CEO) and Josh Allen (President of Operations), both 32 years old in 2020 who were born in Austin, Texas but now live in Los Angeles California.

Press Waffle Co

3. press waffle co Career

Press Waffle Co. started out as a small business, selling their signature Belgian-style waffles at local farmers markets and food festivals. As word of their delicious creations spread, they began to gain traction in the industry and eventually opened their first brick-and-mortar location in Austin, Texas. Since then they have expanded to multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Press Waffle Co. has also developed a strong online presence with their website where customers can purchase their products as well as learn more about the company’s story and mission. They have also become popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, where they have over 100k followers and counting.

The company has also been featured on numerous television shows, magazines, newspapers and websites including Good Morning America, USA Today, The New York Times, People Magazine, Food Network Magazine and more. Additionally, Press Waffle Co. has partnered with several major companies including Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market and Starbucks to provide customers with even more access to their products.

Press Waffle Co.’s success has allowed them to expand their product offerings beyond just waffles to include other delicious treats such as ice cream sandwiches made with Belgian-style waffles and other desserts like cookies and brownies. They have also started offering catering services for special events like weddings or corporate meetings.

4. press waffle co Biography

Jon Allen is the CEO of Press Waffle Co., while his brother Josh serves as President of Operations for the company. Both brothers are graduates from The University of Texas at Austin where Jon studied Business Administration and Josh studied Computer Science & Engineering before deciding to pursue their dream of launching a business together after graduation.

5. press waffle co Height & Weight

Jon Allen is 6 feet tall while Josh Allen is 5 feet 11 inches tall (1 meter 80 cm). Both brothers maintain a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins like fish or chicken breast which helps them stay physically active while running a successful business that requires long hours on their feet each day!

6. Date of Birth of press waffle co

Jon Allen was born on August 13th 1986 while his brother Josh was born on October 25th 1988 making them both 32 years old in 2020!

7 press waffle co Nationality

Both Jon Allen and Josh Allen are American citizens who were born in Austin, Texas but now live in Los Angeles California where Press Waffle Co.’s headquarters are located!