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Net Worth: $3 Million

Date of Birth: 7 February 1993

Nationality: American

Pink Sauce Net Worth

Pink Sauce, aka Chef Pii, has a $3 million net worth. Chef Pig is a well-known chef, businessman, TikToker, social media personality, and media figure from Miami, Florida.

She is renowned all throughout the nation for the wonderful meals she gives to her customers. She launched a website where she markets her cooking skills. American food stylist and professional blogger Pink Sauce is based in the country.

Chef Pig is a well-known professional chef. Since 2009, she has gone under the moniker Pink Sauce. She worked in a restaurant and enjoyed sharing recipes with her loved ones.

Pink Sauce

Early Life:

Pii, a single mother of two kids, claims she has been a private chef for four years. She published scores of YouTube videos between 2018 and 2020 before she started using TikTok. 

It was ranging from mukbang videos to weight reduction vlogs in which she adhered to trendy diets with questionable nutritional support. 

About a month ago, Pii published her handmade, vivid pink concoction on her little TikTok account, which is when the pink sauce scandal started. The cook decided to bottle and sell Pink Sauce for $20 a bottle after quickly surpassing her years-old YouTube channel in views on the platform.

Later, The # pinksauce hashtag has received over 80 million views, demonstrating how engrossed TikTokers are in the mystery. Many TikTokers wanted to support Pii and see a Black female creator thrive, but the release of the sauce was so erratic that it was difficult for her rapidly expanding following to believe her.

The source of Pink Sauce’s vibrant color remained a mystery as she prepared to sell it on her website. To make matters more odd, viewers saw that in each video she aired, the sauce’s color and consistency appeared to vary.


Chef Pii asserted that she initially developed a passion for cooking at the age of just 8. Her granny taught her the basics of cooking. Later, she began experimenting with combining various culinary elements and tastes to create novel dishes. She was able to be successful as a chef because of her dedication and zeal. She founded her own business, participates in many events, and offers her expertise. She created “The Pink Sauce,” a brand-new product, in the middle of 2022.

She created a sauce from red dragon fruit that pairs nicely with burritos, chicken fingers, burgers, salads, and other foods. Unfortunately, a lot of TikTok users have had unpleasant things to say about the pink sauce. Veronica Shaw informs the online community in her answer that the pink sauce is edible and made with healthy ingredients.

pink sauce


Over 80,000 people follow Chef Pii (@chef.pii), popularly known as the “Pink Sauce Lady,” on Instagram and TikTok. It appears that Chef Pii first discussed Pink Sauce in a post in June. Since then, Chef Pii has continuously promoted the product on TikTok and Instagram, generating millions of views. A little over a year ago, she claims in one of her first videos on the sauce, she had the idea for a “off-the-wall” multicolored sauce made with organic ingredients like dragon fruit.

Her original Pink Sauce videos should have included nutritional information on the bottles’ labels. Cook Pii reacted to inquiries about the food’s safety by stating that she has been a professional chef for more than four years,


Chef Pii started selling the pink sauce on her website a few days after she became viral. In a video from June, Pii claimed that her initial pre-sale for the product’s first 100 orders was a success. 

The item re-entered on July 1 for its “official debut.” Chef Pii revealed to Passionfruit over the phone that she uses a professional kitchen facility to produce her final goods rather than her kitchen. She also claimed to have credentials in food safety, although she didn’t say precisely which ones.

After the product’s formal debut, conflicting opinions and a range of worries started to surface. While some TikTok fans fervently backed the company owner for her distinctive which ranges from very light pink in some videos to bright, hot pink in others.

However, Many people were concerned about whether it was safe to export The Pink Sauce unrefrigerated because it includes milk and mostly depends on natural preservatives. Although the sauce is still undergoing “lab testing,” Shaw clarified that it should be refrigerated after opening and claimed that the brand is adhering to FDA guidelines and that the product has undergone quality testing.


The good news is that Pii is standing her ground in the face of her numerous critics who doubt the sauce’s safety due to its incorrect packaging. Instead, she stands by her product and attests to its reliability and safety.

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