Pastor Tobi



Net Worth: $6 Million Dollars

Date of Birth: 11 November 1980

Nationality: American

Pastor Tobi

Pastor Tobi is the founder of the nonprofit organization, A New Day Ministries. He teaches people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ from his dedication to welfare.

He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. People found him as a dedicated person from his childhood. Pastor Tobi is currently serving as a pastor at an inner-city church located in Dallas, Texas.  Tobi’s main focus is empowering people with God’s Word and teaching them how to live by applying it. 

Writing and inspirational motivation is one of the main favorable tasks of that person. His books include The Purpose Driven Life: What is Your Purpose and How to Find It, God’s Best Gift, and The Ultimate Success Bible.

Pastor Tobi Net Worth

Pastor Tobi

He is an American pastor and has served at his church for 18 years. People who do not contain religious faith and inspiration all got the way of succeeding by reading the books of Tobi. The cultural lifestyle inspired people to live life for peace and satisfaction. Better guidance for success is also given in his books. 

People got faith in family and an ethical view of life that made them succeed. He found special honor and love from people. So people bought all the book items. Of this, the popularity increased. From many regions, he is invited to provide speeches on religion also. His net worth is 6 million dollars.

Early life 

Pastor Tobi was born in a small village. To get better economic support, his father moved to Chicago at an early age. He attended many churches and learned how to preach. He was trained by Kenyan church pastors and studied for two years in Church the Ological College. The better learning capability assists in doing all the work so well. 

 On January 27th, 2013, he married Sarah Tobi in Nashville. She works as an American lawyer, and they have three children together. His wife became inspired by the Bible speech and assisted him in his daily work. 

Pastor Tobi has preached in America, Canada, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Scotland, England, South Africa, and the Congo. He has been involved in missions for thirty years. By this time, he had made a successful career in religious faith, business, social life, and spiritual achievement. 

Pastor Tobi Career

Pastor Tobi

He worked as a successful person in the religious section. They did a better analysis of religious works and decided to work on it. Then he was recruited by the Church of Preach as an assistant. Here he trained people in the way of civilization. After learning the education, people spread the word to remote corners of the state. Therefore his popularity increased rapidly. After that, he got an offer from the Vatican Church management team. Working there made him viral on social media and all over the US. Because the whole task was published online, reaching people from remote corners became easy. 

The committee made various shows on faith. He was elected as the promoter and controller of the show. This show taught people about daily lifestyle, points of view, the honor of parents, family maintenance, better service quality, business ethics, and so many others. The information and faith of words inspired people and helped them change their lives. The speech was not only given on spiritual life but also was a big part of social culture, economy, family life, ethics, etc. 

People did follow it and brought a change in cultural views, behavior, dedication, and family life. The Church authority awarded him as the best programmer. He also became viral on social media and radio within a short time. Many churches offer him to work in the lead role. Later he turned into a controller of a popular church. 

Pastor Tobi’s personal life

Pastor Tobi

His wife works as a lawyer. She always fought for poor people and justice. Therefore she was honored by many people. Being his wife, she made the best use of the law. People got all services of laws legally from the court. However, He has 2 sons and a daughter. Children are fond of Tobi. Because he loved spending time with them and gossiping stories, he usually taught them by describing stories. Own children also love the way the father leads. His daughter usually visits places to spread religious faith among people. 

The daughter also learned to preach and attend various shows physically with her father. During crucial moments like floods, cold, etc., his family members work together and provide services to people. People also get charity support from his charity account. The dedication could not stop only the area. The charity money is transferred to regional areas where people are suffering from diseases also. 

So his dedication brought fabulous success in life. The realization of words made changes in people’s life. People made it possible to bring social life changes and become quality citizens. Watching the changes, the government also helped him financially spread the word among regional areas. Thus dedication and people’s achievements turned him into a legendary hero.

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