Paige Chestnut



Net Worth: $8 Million

Date of Birth: 1998

Nationality: American

Paige Chestnut Net Worth | Early Life, Career, Achivements

American model Paige Chestnut has approximately $8 million net worth. She was born in USA on 1998. Paige has been working very hard from a young age. She started modeling as a young girl. 

She has also done modeling jobs for other big fashion designers. Paige Chestnut has appeared in many television commercials and movies. She has modeled for many high-end designers. 

She is signed with the Wunder Management agency in LA. Aside from being a successful model, Paige Chestnut is well-known for being the daughter of the legendary American actor Morris Chestnut. 

Her father is a well-known actor who has been in films including “Boyz in the Hood,” “Higher Learning,” and “Half Past Dead.”

Early Life:

Actor Morris Chestnut and actress Pam Byse are the proud parents of American model Paige Chestnut. She was born on the in the city of Los Angeles, California. Sagittarius is one of the zodiac signs. 

Model and daughter of actor Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse, Paige Chestnut was born and raised in the United States. On the 28th of November 1998, she entered the world in Los Angeles, California. A Sagittarius, by the grace of birth, is what she is.


Paige started out in the industry as a model. Her tall, toned frame, dark skin, and lovely facial harmony are all hallmarks of her attractiveness. As a result, her physique set her apart from other models.

Paige Chestnut


A career in modeling is underway for her right now. As Morris Chestnut’s daughter, she was also given extra attention. And, she looks certain to become a major celebrity in the near future.

Because of her talent and popularity, Paige has launched her modeling career. It is also featured in advertisements and printed materials, as well as on airstrips.


She also ran down the catwalk in Michael NGO and Marisa P. Clark designs during LA Fashion Week.

As she walked down the catwalk, she looked absolutely lovely. Although young, she has already accomplished a lot.

Not only does Paige star in numerous advertisements and prints, she also runs the ramp. So, she’s a model in every sense of the word, and she’s progressing rapidly despite being so young.

It won’t be long, though, until Paige becomes a famous model with a significant international profile. Moreover, she has a sizable following on Instagram.

She provides a sample of her modeling abilities on her Instagram profile. That’s why she flaunts her flawless figure and modeling prowess in front of the world by publishing photos of herself.


Her mother, Pam Byse, is well-known because of her status as Morris’s wife. It’s 2023 and she’s 49 years old, having been born on 22 December 1973 in Los Angeles, California. Her American parents brought her up in California, where she grew up until she entered college. Paige’s mother’s background before to her marriage to Morris is unknown.

Grant Chestnut is Paige’s older brother. You realize that Paige isn’t the only kid her parents have, right? Grant Chestnut is her older brother’s name. He is only a year or so older than her, having been born in 1997.

Teenager Grant Chestnut has already established himself as a household name in the United States. The son of well-known American actor Morris Chestnut, he has gained a lot of attention in his own right. Morris is an accomplished actor who shot to fame because to his portrayal of Ricky Baker in the teen drama Boyz ‘n the Hood. 

He attended primary and high school in Cerritos. He later joined the University of Colorado and earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising. 

The bond between the two brothers and sisters is strong as well. When Grant’s sister Paige turned 21, he wished her well and shared a photo of the two of them online.

Special bond with father

Paige gets along with both of her parents. Morris, her dad, is a famous actor who has been in more than 50 films. Debuting in the role of Ricky Barker, he made his big screen debut in the 1991 picture Boyz n the Hood.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, The Fugitive, Scenes from a Crime, Breaking All the Rules, and Kick-Ass 2 are just a few of his many critically acclaimed films. 

Equally impressive is his list of television credits, which includes shows like Rosewood, Goliath, The Enemy Within, and Being Mary Jane. Morris Chestnut, Paige’s dad, portrayed Luke on the American Horror Story episode “The Ritual” that starred Taissa Farmiga in 2011.

Paige and Morris have a fantastic relationship because they are father and daughter. Morris even uploaded a picture of his daughter to Instagram on August 3, 2018. Paige wore a stunning yellow dress for the picture.

Paige’s bond with her mom, Pam, is just as warm and fuzzy as the one she has with her dad.


She successfully hides her personal life from the lights. However, Paige isn’t a big social media user and primarily uses Instagram. As of the year 2023, her page has roughly 10,000 followers. The majority of her social media posts are pictures of her professional work as a model. In addition, her social media posts reveal some little details about her life.

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$8 Million

$7 Million Dollars

$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

$2 Million

$1.5 Billion

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