Mattie Moss Clark



Net Worth: $10 Million Dollars

Date of Birth: 26 March 1925

Nationality: American

Mattie Moss Clark

Mattie Moss Clark Net worth

Mattie Moss Clark

She became popular and took place in people’s minds. The published album got a huge market. The lyrics were full of faith and ethics. From children to young people all were blind followers of this heroic lady. Thus her net worth increased and reached 10 million dollars.

Mattie Moss Clark was an American gospel choir director. She was born on March 26, 1925, and died on September 22, 1994. . She was the Global Minister of Melodies for the Church of God in Christ and attained the job in (COGIC). She is influenced by classical music and after a long struggle, she started a career in this section.  The way of teaching music got popular in the gospel choir even after her death.

Early life

Mattie Juliet Moss was born in Selma, Alabama,  She was the daughter of the minister of state Fred John Moss and Mattie and  Juliet Walker.    At an early age, she started playing piano. At the age of six, she became a fan of piano.  Within a short time, she learned to play music from her mother’s job center called Holiness Temple Church of Christ at this time she was only 12. Her mother took him to perform at mission services. The daughter Twinkle also learned the religious publicity from her mother. The proper knowledge of religion helped to raise her with a pious mind.

She went to Selma University after high school and took classes in classical music and choral music. But after some days her sister relocated to Detroit in 1947 and she also came with him and joined the Larger Love Tabernacle Church of God in Gospel. There, she was anointed in the Holy Ghost by Bishop W. Rimson. After that, she became the Chief of Music. She had a historic time as Minister of Music for both the Southwest Michigan Jurisdiction and the Bailey Cathedral Church of God in Christ, which was prompted by Bishop John Seth Bailey. Soon, churches all over the COGIC brotherhood asked her to train there as a music teacher also.

Career Mattie Moss Clark

In 1958, she performed “Going to Heaven to Meet the King” with the Southwest Michigan State Choir; he is working as a manager of different churches.  To get a better response and for religious faith, she wrote more than 100 songs and recorded over 50 CDs after receiving 3 gold albums with the Southwest Michigan State Choir.  She led the Christmas choir of Cadillac Motor Company and showed her dedication to work for eleven years and provided guidance to community-wide mass choirs at the annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinners.

Clark and Elma Hendricks organized a Sing-A-Rama in early 1968 at Reverend C. L. Franklin’s church.  They organized a choir of one thousand voices and invited famed gospel musician Reverend James Cleveland as a special guest. Cleveland told Clark that he would like to organize a similar conference, which he may call the Music Workshop of America because he appreciated the music and the teaching workshops so much.

 Clark advised that he add “Gospel” to the label to inform prospective guests that the event will only feature gospel music. Cleveland did not waste time and spread the news. In August 1968, the first Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) convention was held at the King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit. The purpose of the workshops was to preserve the tradition and enjoyment of gospel music, as well as to introduce emerging talent.

In 1979, she launched the Clark Conservatory of Music in Detroit, which became one of the nation’s most distinguished institutions In 1981, Trinity College in Pennsylvania presented her with one of their highest distinctions, a Doctor of Humanities degree. After Bishop Bailey’s passing in 1985, she continued serving as State Minister of Music for Southwest Michigan Jurisdiction No. 1 while attending Greater Mitchell Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop J.H. Sheard.

Personal life

Mattie Moss Clark

Clark attained marriage 2 times.   She had two children while living with her first spouse. Children are Leo Henry Cullum, Jr. and Jacqueline Lenita “Jacky” After her separation, she married Elder Elbert Clark (1927-2001) on November 30, 1952, and was blessed with four children, whose names are Denise Darchell, Elbernita, Dorinda Grace, and Karen Valencia. In 1973, the Clarks divorced.  Dr. Clark mentioned daughters and wished them to make an identity as a singer. 

In 1973, shortly after her divorce from Elbert Clark, Clark granted her sister a  power of attorney. After nearly a decade, Clark transferred all group responsibilities to his daughter Twinkie, who soon became the group’s leader.

Later years

Due to diabetes, Clark’s health started to fail in the late 1980s. Dorinda Clark-Cole said that after suffering a stroke and having her right leg amputated, she was obliged to use a wheelchair to move around. Even in her final year of life, Clark continued to record songs despite her deteriorating condition. She passed away on September 22, 1994, at the age of 69. 

She tried to bring a revolutionary change in the everyday life of people. People got an important message and thus they became inspired. This method worked ethically. That is why people love her so much.

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