Net Worth: $1 Million

Date of Birth: 1990

Nationality: American

Juliani Net Worth

Juliani’s net worth is around $1 million, and he is a singer. Julius Owino, better known by his stage name Juliani, is a popular gospel hip hop artist from Kenya. His song “Utawala” has been a huge hit in the country. He’s the third of six children.

He has worked tirelessly to become the best Gospel rapper in Kenya and has no plans to stop anytime soon. He was one of seven siblings and grew up in the Dandora area. 

Before he became a solo performer, he was a member of the group Ukoo Flani and played with them at several local venues, including the famed Florida 2000 night club and gambling club.

Early Life:

Juliani was very creative from a young age. He had a natural ability to write songs and play instruments. His parents taught him to play the guitar when he was five. He loved music. 

He was an outgoing child. Juliani grew up watching his parents perform. This was very influential for him as a child. He began to compose his own songs when he was ten years old. He wrote many songs. 

His parents helped him with his composing and singing skills. Juliani had several friends who were musical too. His parents used to play his compositions for his friends. His parents were his greatest inspiration. 

At one time, he wanted to become a musician. He got his wish and became an international artist. He still performs today. His success has given him the means to give back to society. His parents had taught him about helping others, and he took his lessons to heart. 


Milele from August of 2006, Juliani started working with Kijiji Records, whose name was inspired by local music trailblazer Kanji. Astar, the KORA Chosen One, was included in his presentation, and the two of them went on a college tour. 

He has advocated for several social causes, including Vina Na Maana, which opposes Economic Partnership Agreements, Stand Up Against Poverty, the United Nations Millennium Campaign for the Millennium Development Goals, and the World Vision Peace Tour travels through the urban centers of Kenya. 

In the middle of 2008, during the post-election violence in Kenya, he teamed up with other top artisans to record the single and accompanying video for “Wakenya Pamoja,” which went on to win multiple awards.

Major Achivement:

It was in 2008 that Juliani became the first Kenyan artist to be signed to a major UK label. He did so with Gatwitch Records. That planning led to the December 2008 release of the critically praised studio album Mtaa Mentality. The radio host Eve D’Souza urged all listeners who appreciate music with meaning to purchase the aforementioned album collection.


Juliani paired up with Afro-combination phenomenon Kanjii, Kisima Nominees Holy Dave and Wenyeji, and a semblance of KORA champion Eric Wainaina. 

In the wake of the post-election violence in Kenya, he joined forces with other top-tier artists to create the award-winning tune and accompanying music video “Wakenya Pamoja.” It was one of more than 30 artists, including comedian Churchill, singer Suzzana Owiyo, rapper Abbi, singer Pete Odera, and rapper Rufftone.


Three-time winner of numerous categories at the Kenyan Groove Awards, and the 2008 winner of the US Talanta Award for Most Desired Male Craftsman. The performer is renowned for his powerful vybes and infectious energy. Additionally, he has been crowned the king of gospel rap on multiple occasions. Currently, he is also the altruism envoy in Kenya charged with fostering young cultivation.

His environmental battle began in August of 2009, and he represented Kenya at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen that December.


Recently, Juliani stated in an interview that he used to make between 10 and 20 million Kenyan shillings annually from his music and community programs he founded in his name.

He once boasted, “Every year I used to make like 10 Million, accumulatively, we’ve been making 10 -20 Million directly or indirectly if we evaluate what we have been doing and investing.”

He is currently involved with Taka Bank and Dandora Hip Hop City, both of which he claims to be self-sustaining at this time. Juliani told RNN that he had to sell his music investments to fund these ventures.

Juliani Career

Juliani shifted his approach to project management in 2012, which resulted in a decrease in revenue. After realizing how time-consuming it had become to maintain contact with supporters and secure financing, the artist opted to terminate ties.

After his low upbringing and meager beginnings, he never imagined he would achieve financial success like this.


The musician claims that he has learned to remain humble regardless of his financial condition, despite the fame and money he has amassed over the years. Juliani claims that his trust in God is more important to him than anything else since it serves as the basis for his sense of self-worth.

I am more valuable than I am given credit for. All of my value comes from Jesus Christ. It’s not fair to judge me by external standards, he said.

The composer of “exponential potential” prefers to deal in faith currency rather than finite worldly currency.

Before his salvation in 2005, Juliani was a part of the Ukoo Flani Mau Mau group, but he eventually decided to follow his own way. Popular songs by him include “Utawala,” “masterpiece,” and “one day.”

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Apart from all of it eventually, Juliani settled down with Lilian Ng’ang’a and tied the knot. He has a daughter named Amor from a prior relationship with Brenda Wairimu, but they split up and she moved out.


$8 Million

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$5 Billion

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$2 Million

$1.5 Billion

$1.5 Million

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