Jules And Saud



Net Worth: $1.4 million

Date of Birth: (Julia) August 06, 1997, (Saud) January 15, 1997

Nationality: American

Jules And Saud Net Worth | Youtube Journey, Awards

Jules And Saud’s net worth is around $1.4 million. Julia Raleigh was born in Edgewood, Kentucky, in the month of August 1997. Saud Raleigh was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 1997. They have a channel on YouTube and upload new videos at least once every other day.

After launching their YouTube channel in March 2013, Julia Raleigh and Saud have amassed close to 15 million followers. Julia and Saud is the name of their YouTube channel. They are both twenty years old, and they now share an apartment together.

They were brought up by their mother on her own. They have previous employment with Disney Channel and Nickelodeon before to beginning to produce videos for YouTube.

 Their film entitled “Jules and Saud’s Bad Day” was considered for a nomination for the Shorty Award for Most Popular Video in 2014. In the film, Jules and Saud spend the entire day being fun and engaging in a variety of strange activities.

Jules And Saud

Because Jules was having a rough day, he teased her in front of her classmates. When she needed him the most, Saud was not at home. This made Jules upset and angry at the same time. She made fun of Saud since he was absent and unable to provide her with any assistance.

Julia Raleigh is a very talented individual who is proficient in the art of video production. Her channel has a substantial number of subscribers, and the amount of attention she receives is growing.

Jules And Saud’s Youtube Journey

As of the year 2021, the channel’s 500 million-plus views have attracted more than 2.7 million members. 

It attracts an astonishing 230,000 unique daily visitors from a wide variety of channels. Ads on the videos should bring in around $1,800 per day ($660,000 per year) 

After YouTube’s cut, creators living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia can expect to earn between $2 and $12 for every 1,000 monetized views. 

The percentage of views that generate revenue typically falls between 40 and 80 percent. Ad inventory, the number of commercials in a video, the percentage of viewers that skip the ads, ad format, ad engagement, content kind, etc. all play a role. 

Advertisers compete in an auction where the price per view is determined by how many times an ad is seen. To get their ads seen, advertisers need to be willing to pay at least $0.01 per view.

The Google Preferred program allows the most well-off businesses to focus their advertising efforts on the top 5 percent of the most-visited pages. There is a significant increase from the average ad rate here. 

YouTubers get money not only from adverts but also from subscribers to YouTube Red, who pay a monthly fee to access exclusive material and watch videos without seeing any commercials. 

Here, they are compensated for how long their videos are seen. The longer people spend watching their films, the more money they make per minute.

Their supplementary revenue comes from endorsement arrangements with popular brands. Company names like Dollar Shave Club and Hello Fresh are among those that have supported them financially.

Jules And Saud

Why did Jules And Saud become very popular?

Because to his wit and charm, Saud quickly rose to fame. People enjoy watching his videos because of the way he promotes himself. The man is a jokester. His antics are quite amusing.

He behaving ridiculously. People have a fantastic time laughing at the antics of Jules And Saud whenever they hear or see them. A sizable audience watches his videos regularly. Since he has a deep, booming voice, he may use it to tell jokes. Whenever he can, he includes a humorous scene with Jules and Saud.

Even when they’re feeling down or irritated, they still enjoy it. Acting genuinely in a video for your fans is essential. 

All of Jules And Saud’s improvised comedy is genuine. He discusses his everyday experiences and how they fit into the greater scheme of things. 

This is why people love Jules And Saud’s videos so much. Both Jules and Saud have an impulsive side. To connect with his audience, he talks about humorous and engaging things.

The goal of Jules And Saud’s show is to provide their audience with a good time. The ability to make others smile and laugh. It has always brought him immense joy. He’s quite a youthful performer, and his talent is obvious. He has an impressive voice and a talent for expressing himself through his words. If you want to make people laugh, Jules and Saud are your guys.


They’ve become one of the most popular couples on YouTube. They are so candid on their YouTube channel that they have amassed millions of followers.

As if that weren’t enough, you can regularly spot both of them on each other’s own YouTube channels in addition to their collaboration on the channel Jules & Saud.

The duo, who have over a million combined subscribers on YouTube, have also released a line of merch.


$8 Million

$7 Million Dollars

$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

$2 Million

$1.5 Billion

$1.5 Million

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