German In Venice



Net Worth: $760,000 Dollars

Date of Birth: YT channel, Feb 6, 2019

Nationality: American

German In Venice Net Worth

German In Venice youtube channel’s net worth is $760,000 million. This YouTube channel has over 302.00K followers from the United States. It began three years ago and now has 561 videos posted. 

Mike Bonin, 57, is the owner of German In Venice. Venice refers to Venice Beach in California, not the city of Venice in Europe.

His videos are about are mostly about people, places, and travel. He says he wants to help people share their creativity. He also wants to share his work with people. 

He has worked in several industries over the years. He has been a graphic designer for 16 years. He has been a photographer for 15 years. He is an artist for 25 years. His main focus has been the creative world. 

He has had a wide variety of interests. He likes to create things. His latest interest is video. He has made a series of videos called “German in Venice”.

German in Venice

Early Life:

Mike Bonin is the owner of the German In Venice youtube channel’s early life was very different from than he is now. He was born and raised in the USA. His parents were born in Germany, but his dad was a US soldier during World War II. 

After the war, he lived in Germany for five years until his family moved to San Francisco, California. He spent most of his youth in America. He was into sports from a young age. He played football, basketball, and baseball. 


Mike Bonin is the owner of the German In Venice youtube channel’s career is very interesting. He is an artist. He creates amazing photographs and videos. His style is realistic. 

His photographs occasionally resemble paintings. In Venice, Italy, he captures picturesque locations on camera. His photographs are beautiful. He takes this action because he wants to produce enduring things.

Mike employs video in his work as well. He produces movies from stunning locations in Venice, Italy. These films are available on his YouTube account. His videos are creative as well. He shoots with a Rolleiflex.

This is a sizable camera that only captures black-and-white images. Since he was 14, he has been using this camera. All of his films are expertly produced. Mike has resided in the country for a considerable amount of time.

His career has flourished when he began posting videos to YouTube. His videos attracted a lot of viewers. Teenagers enjoyed seeing the videos. They enjoy his videos because they appear to be real. 

Family Life:

The proprietor of the German In Venice YouTube channel, Mike Bonin, is a devoted family man. He is the ideal parent. He is the world’s most loving parent. He adores his children, and they adore him.

When their father is around, they are content. Children play with him and instruct him in new skills. His young fans enjoy his songs. He aids them in doing their assignments. Every time they are joyful or sad, he sings to them.

He strives to be present for them at all times. He pays attention to their issues and assists them in finding solutions. He can play the keyboard well. He plays the guitar as well. He sings and plays his instrument for his children.

He instructs his children in the use of these instruments. They like performing music. He aids his kids in their practice. The family as a whole gets along well. His desire is for his family to reciprocate his affection. Mike Bonin is married to a stunning lady. She is an excellent mother. 

Her children adore her. They revere their mother. She also excels as a teacher. She teaches her children appropriate school behavior. She aids her children in their academic endeavors as well. All of them are taught about the world by her.

She makes sure her children are aware of everything. She is a responsible parent. Mike Bonin is incredibly devoted to his family. He likes being with them and spends a lot of time with them.


Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach. He thanked his viewers in a new video saying,

“This video is to thank all my subscribers that support me on my YouTube channel. I hit 40,000 subscribers and I’m really thankful and appreciative. I hope I can entertain you even more in the future. I hope you like this video, thank you very much keep, dreaming and thanks for watching.”

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