Radio anchor

Gary Hayes


Radio anchor and actor

Net Worth: $3.5 Million Dollars

Date of Birth: 29 June 1980

Nationality: American

Gary With Da Tea

Gary Hayes, born in the United States on June 29, 1980, is now better known by his professional nickname, Gary With Da Tea. He is a radio and television host, and he is most well-known worldwide for his participation in the Rickey Smiley Morning show, which is broadcast on both radio and television. 

The show’s specialty is meeting with celebrities, knowing their early life, struggle, success, and so many more. However, the impressive fact is broadcasting popular songs for people and requesting songs. Being a good anchor and having creative skills people found it entertaining.  So he became popular within a short time. 

Gary With Da Tea’s net worth

Gary presented live shows for several stations, and due to his enormous popularity, he was allowed to join the Russ Parr Morning Show at KMZ/Dallas. Gary’s career was steadily progressing in the proper direction, and he was gaining popularity, which pointed out his career prospects. He also became well-known for broadcasting bits of gossip about other celebrities, a practice he named “Da Tea” (literally, “pouring out the gossip”). This helped him gain a lot of popularity. 

After joining The Beat in Austin on TX X-102.3, he joined Majic 102. After his appointment to “The Steve Harve Show ” at one of Dallas’ most popular radio stations, 97.9 The Beat, Gary went viral all over the USA and turned into a well-known radio personality. The success significantly boosted both his popularity and net worth. The net worth has increased to 3.5 million dollars annually.

Early life

Gary was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, in the United States, and studied at the American Broadcasting School,  where he first began developing his skills. The school taught him news presenting, anchoring, singing, and communication development. The skills raised his confidence and brought a gentle change in his personality. 

He continued practicing anchoring. Therefore he got a chance in many radio stations and worked as an anchor. He had great skills with making cooperation with people. So he could easily cope with celebrations, and the variation of collaboration just satisfied people’s minds. Creating a funny environment and executing the internal emotion of celebrations is the key specialty of this famous anchor.


He achieved popularity at an early age. Various stations in Austin and West Palm Beach provided proposals to hire Gary With Da Tea for celebrity reports.  He was also cast to publish Steve Harvey Morning Show doing horoscopes. With this show, he was identified as having a unique personality. The fearful voice, style of speech, and content choices all changed the view among people, and teenagers found him different from other shows. 

It didn’t take long that Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show, Gary With Da Tea, invited him to join their team. This show went viral, and people started following him. 

He got amazing responses and greetings from social media and other platforms. People love him because of his presentation capability. He has the capability to change the event and make a full-package show for people. 

It was fantastic to know the celebrity and his life. This concept was amazing. So the show went viral, and this brought huge achievement for Gary.

Many directors had identified his hidden talent and sent proposals for working in Last Stand, starring Kevin Hart and Tami Roman, and on stage in various Shelly Garrett productions. After working eight years on Dish Nation, Gary With Da Tea has acquired acting credits in the film.

Gary With Family, Parents, and Siblings

 Gary With Da Tea

Gary With Da Tea was born in Texas’s Port Arthur. His origin is African-American, and he holds American citizenship. Gary Hayes, this name was given at their birth time by his mother, and his mother was fond of music and acting. So in the future, she wanted to make his son a successful actor. 

He grew up in Texas’s Port Arthur. According to our investigation, his parents and siblings are unknown to the general public. He kept it secret and wanted to introduce everyone via spectacular radio programs. Hence, he is waiting for the proper moment.


The skills raised his confidence, and he turned into a popular celebrity within a short time. His quality of speech, better collaboration, and performance made him different from other anchors. 

For this, he got chances in various shows. People enjoy his shows. He got a soft corner from the USA people. Being a talented guy, the popularity expands to other countries also. 

People came to know about him from social media and recorded broadcasts. Time after time, the popularity went viral in other countries. He is a decent guy. He has planned to open a radio station in the future. 

To create better planning, many radio station administrations have already created propaganda and are working on it. His wife is working on content making and offering many programs right now.

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$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

$2 Million

$1.5 Billion

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