David Barksdale



Net Worth: $15 Million Dollars

Date of Birth: 24 May 1947

Nationality: American

David Barksdale

David Barksdale is popularly referred to as King David. He is well-known as an American gangster who grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Barksdale founded the Black Disciples. He combined with Larry Hoover and formed the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. He grew up among his twelve other siblings and sisters. His parents’ names are Virginia and Charlie Barksdale. 

In 1957, the Barksdale family relocated to Chicago, Illinois. He is the founder of Black Discipline Nation. He started living in poverty, so he chose many ways to get rid of here. That is why he made the gang and started working together. He took bribes from different towns and ran the family. But he had a good heart for children. 

David Barksdale net worth

He made the community for various purposes. Within a short time, he became powerful. Monitoring businesses of people and providing services for different reasons were the main income of the community. Gang people collected this amount during transactions as per tax. For this, he gave shelter to area people. The fearless personality got a better value among teenagers. They wanted to become a gangster like him. To get better training, they joined him. His net worth was 1.5 million dollars.

Early life

David Barksdale

The young Barksdale created the Black Disciple Nation in 1960, and like many street gangs of the time, it was made up of teens between the ages of 13 and 17. The Devil’s Disciples later became a more popular name for the Black Disciples. The Disciples expanded into a larger group by 1966 after joining forces with several other gangs and becoming far more powerful than their main competitor.

Barksdale, who led the Disciples, engaged in horrible acts of violence against the Rangers by following other groups like the smaller Black Gangsters; they wanted to be unique and grab power. He bound the non-followers to show respect to them.


Got the life by fortune

David Barksdale was accused of shooting six times while leaving a club in 1968. This was discovered that Eugene Hairston, the leader of the Black Stone Rangers, had permitted the shooting; he had “paid” several 14-year-old kids to murder Barksdale. 

Unexpectedly, Barksdale stayed to live and formed a wise plan to manage the gang. He usually follows the Rangers founder and waits for the right time to take revenge.   He established a one-way service after obtaining a second life. where citizens had to recognize him as the king. Later, he took revenge and destroyed the Rangers gang.


Stop of contradiction

However, by the middle of the 1960s, Barksdale realized that the violence in which he and other gang members frequently engaged during their “wars,” The future of the African American communities in Chicago was in danger because of this. To lessen the frequent gang fights, he partnered with Larry Hoover of the Black Gangster Nation. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was the name given to the now-larger gang. Hoover and Barksdale alternated as the gang’s leaders.

Barksdale earned the title “king of the streets” and became famous. Because of his heroic works, his name turned into King David. He divided the areas and also worked. So the gang people can run the task so well. People found security from looting their daily needs. He made easy business policies for teenagers and provided them with free training to start a reliable business. He also made a loan policy for people who are well-skilled but do not have money to do business. So within some days, they turned into a strong gangster in Chicago.


Death of this legendary gangster

Barksdale passed away on September 2, 1974, due to kidney failure. His body was injured during the Rangers gang attack. He walked the route of death because of this phenomenon. He became weak from this terrifying attempt and could not recover his body’s strength.

 The doctor nurturing was unable to give him the necessary assistance. because the body experiences extreme stress and loses its power source, he suffers kidney failure quickly.  He and his wife, Yvonne Barksdale (née Yarber), had three lovely children together: David, Melinda, and Ronnie Barksdale, one of whom were murdered in 1996 by a Gangster Disciples gang member. After three years of his passing, a gang also killed his wife.


Black Disciples still regard Barksdale with respect. An annual birthday ceremony is held in his honor. In a contentious move, the Chicago City Council registered a march in 2008 that was sponsored and backed by the Black Disciples organization for the Saturday of Memorial Weekend. The Fraternal Organization of Police condemned the procession, and police officers observed the event to assess whether gang violence was present.

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