Crucial Conflict



Net Worth: 5 million dollars

Date of Birth: 26 September 1973

Nationality: American

Crucial Conflict

Crucial Conflict is a well-known rapper in America and made many rap songs. He created many hit songs like Wondosas “Kilo” Martin, Ralph “Wildstyle” Leverton, Corey “Cold hard” Johnson, and Marrico “Never” King; these songs were made on an ethic of rap lifestyle. Teenagers hear the songs and provide ranking as their lifestyle changes. 

This song is best known for their marijuana-themed 1996 hit single “Hay”. After getting the massive hit Hay he became viral not only in the USA but also in Asia also. People like to hear this song and enjoy the moment in many special events like birthdays, car tours, picnics, and school parties. This song surprisingly got better adaptations with the programs.

Crucial Conflict Net worth

Crucial Conflict Net worth

Crucial Conflict’s estimated net worth is based on Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and other reliable online sources. You can see his net worth, salary, and other information from previous years in the table below. His net worth is  $3 million from rapping, and $5 million made most of his money from his Yeezy sneakers. 

While he had expanded the size of his business over the years, the money he made from it was large enough to rank as one of the largest celebrity cashouts of all time. The primary income source is being a successful musician, singer, or songwriter. His net worth ranges from $5 to $10 million. 

Crucial Conflict Career

Crucial Conflict Career

He made his first appearance with the rap group by rapping on the seven-track extended album Crucial Times. TCR&R Productions released this song in 1993. The album’s original lineup included Kilo, Wildstyle, Lil Jeno, and Smooth Lil T. Later, in 1996, the band signed with Universal to produce their debut full-length album, The Final Tic. The Recording Industry Association of America rated the album gold and was backed by singles and live performances for “Hay” and “Ride the Rodeo.”

The duo appeared on the soundtracks of Rhyme and Reason Player before signing with Universal Records for Good Side, and Bad Side in 1998. The album includes guest appearances from Tear Da Club Up Thugs, Do or Die, R. Kelly, and a few diss tracks directed at Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. The popularity changed demand and made the album unique to everyone. 

This fusion worked to increase the rating and brought achievement within a short time. Before splitting in 1999, Crucial Conflict contributed to Hypnotize Camp Posse’s CrazyNDaLazDayz and Getty Green and Warren G’s I Want It All. During the same year, Crucial Conflict members Cold hard and Kilo began appearing in Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s song video Still D.R.E.

The band reformed in 2007 and, after ten years of label issues, released their third studio album, Planet Crucon, on Buckwild Records in 2008. Crucial Conflict was one of the international acts included in Bulgarian rapper Big Sha’s л и амeти album.

Crucial Conflict Personal life

His wife, Kelly Lindon always took pride in him. They are called happy couples by rappers.   She never argues or criticizes him in front of others. Never spread rumors about the hubby. They sort it out together and make decisions if they have any disagreements. That is why they spend a happy time with friends and family. 

The potential decision-making helped a lot in his career. She also worked on making lyrics to the songs. She also involves her daughter or son in making fusion. From their childhood, they are trained for rap songs. However, the father wants to make them an engineer indeed.

Crucial Conflict Achievement

Crucial Conflict

He was the fourth rapper to accept the prize at the 53rd Delight Award.

In addition to being engaged in the music industry, Chance has been one of the most outspoken MCs regarding community issues, earning the rapper the blessed Award at the 2017 BET Awards. 

The Blessed Award, presented by Walmart, honors people who have used their voice and platform to effect change in the Black community and beyond, with previous honorees including Ali, Earvin “Magic” Robinson, Quincy Jones, and Al Sharpton.  

Co-founding the Brother’s Keeper Project got a huge response from President Barack Obama and surprisingly provided $1 million. The Rapper put on a show for his city and the hip-hop community as a whole in 2017. He found it blessed in his entire life.

Crucial Conflict Hobbies

Crucial Conflict Hobbies

He likes to gather bugs. Along with being a charter member of the Ultramagnetic MCs, the rapper was allegedly an entomology buff. When they go on the microphone, bothThe musicians are passionate about collaborating on this issue, even though the rapper has a lot of community where he provides support.

He is the only one who was arrested for marijuana possession in 2000. To get out of trouble, he might begin gathering creepy crawlers and bugs again.

So he worked in various roles. For his dedication to mankind, he got huge popularity outside of the rap world. He also suggests people become dedicated in life.

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$8 Million

$7 Million Dollars

$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

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