Coke La Rock



Net Worth: $3 Million Dollars

Date of Birth: 25 April 1978

Nationality: American

Coke La Rock

Old-school New York City rapper Coke La Rock is widely known as the first MC in hip-hop history. Coke La Rock, also known by his family name, is a well-known musician. He was born in a hip hop lover family on April 25, 1978. He was raised in the hip-hop region in a large city in the United States of America. In 1998, at barely 18, Coke La Rock began his career as a musician. 

Within a short period, he started working in his field, and with his creative work, he influenced people worldwide. His career eventually came back to its roots as he rose in prominence. Coke La Rock became well-known for his performances both within the United States of America and abroad.

Coke La Rock’s net worth 

Coke La Rock

Coke La Rock has released his first single, “Do It Like A Dude,”.  This rap song is a huge market in the American rap industry. The better inspiration to people motivated them to contribute in every sphere of life. It inspires people’s mind and let them push to work against injustice. He usually works with this type of theme. Therefore people get huge amusement and dedicate their life like the song sing. 

His upcoming album mixtape, “Thuggin’ & Bawlin'” coming soon. It will also work for motivation. As people usually suffer from different sad conditions. So this type of song provides relaxation and shows the inspiration of life. However, The song features a guest appearance from Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, B.G., and others. His credentials had a fantastic effect on people. He is now leading the western rap industry as a growing rapper. His net worth is 3 million dollars. 

Early life

Coke La Rock

He is the son of singer Rakim, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002. His mother, Mariah Carey, was also an R&B singer and a former model. Coke La Rock has two siblings. His older brother, K-Rino, was born in 1981, and his younger sister, Mariah Carey, was born in 1985. He always spends time with family and friends and loves rapping in front of them.  Coke La Rock’s first performance was at age 7, singing at his father’s birthday party. He became interested in rap music while listening to Run DMC and Public Enemy.

In 1980, Coke La Rock released his first album, Coke-A-Roni, which included songs inspired by his father’s career. Rakim had been signed to the Warner Bros. label then, but the label dropped him after only one single.

Coke La Rock recorded his second album, Coke-A-Roni II, in 1992, which achieved commercial success. The album sold over four million copies worldwide and was certified platinum.

In 1993, Coke La Rock released his third album, Coke-a-cola. The album spawned three hit singles, “I Need a Hot Girl”, “Buddy Cops”, and “Let Me Clear My Throat”. The latter song was featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto III.

Coke La Rock released his fourth album, Coke-A-Roni III, in 1996. The album could not get a hit but later certified gold in Japan. In 1999, he released his fifth album, Coke-A-Roni IV. The album was another commercial failure but was later certified gold. His sixth album, Coke-A-Roni V, was released in 2000. The album did not fare well commercially but was later certified gold. Coke La Rock’s seventh album, Coke-A-Roni VI, was released in 2003.

 It failed to meet sales expectations but was later certified platinum. He released his eighth album, Coke-A-Roni VII, in 2007. This album sold approximately one million copies worldwide and was certified double platinum. Coke La Rock’s ninth album, Coke-A-Roni VIII, was released in 2009. The album sold approximately 1.2 million copies worldwide and was later certified triple platinum. 

He released his tenth album, Coke-A-Roni IX, in 2011. It was the best-selling album of his career, selling over 2 million copies worldwide. Coke La Rock’s eleventh album, Coke-A-Roni X, was released in 2013. The album was his first release on the independent label Empire Distribution. Coke La Rock’s twelfth album, Coke-A-Roni XI, was released in 2015.


Coke La Rock

The Coke La Rock rap career is not short of phenomenal, as he has gone from rapping about life on the streets to signing a $4 million contract with Universal Music Group (UMG). The potentiality of singing has changed the value of life. The success touches the fortune of his life. Inspirational songs, speech, and the combination of instruments helped him to grab people’s attention and push his career.

After starting out in the music industry, he returned to school and pursued his degree in social work. While attending college, he was signed by UMG to record his first mixtape.

Coke La Rock is now the first and only artist to be signed to Interscope Records and UMG. He has also made appearances in music videos for artists such as Rick Ross and T.I. The popularity went viral by his album, titled My Coke La Rock, was released in July 2010. After watching the success, he wisely released another Coke World Order album featuring artists such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Nicki Minaj, T.I., and Drake. The album was made on life changes. In October 2010, the invitation and live performance of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno made him popular among teenagers. 

His first major tour, Coke La Rock Tour, took place between February and May 2011. The tour featured shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington DC, and many other cities. In April 2012, Coke La Rock released a song called “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.” It was the first single off his second album, The Coke La Rock World Order. In September 2012, Coke La Rock was nominated for Best New Hip Hop Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Personal life

He grew up with a troubled childhood and started rapping at a young age to cope with his problems. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, he got local popularity with the song ‘’ sense mate’’. From the stage, he found the dream lady he was looking for. It is really impressive that he married his fan. He brought the lady on the stage and completed the whole song. Later they meet in various public places. 

In 2003 he got married to a young lady called Jackeline Sofie. He has 2 boys and children. They also love to rap with their father. Recently he made new collaborations with various music industries. He loves to visit places and spent vacations with family members. That is why he is well-known as a dedicated parent.

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