Navy special warfare officer

Clint Bruce


Navy special warfare officer

Net Worth: $5 Million

Date of Birth: September 15, 1975

Nationality: American

Clint Bruce Net Worth | Early Life, Career, Awards, Hobby

Clint Bruce’s net worth is $5 million, and he was a former navy special warfare officer. He was born on September 15, 1995. And he is an American.

Clint Bruce has had a big career in the military. He served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places where he did his job well. He is the kind of person who can be depended on to get the job done. 

Bruce served in the United States Navy, and he is currently a lieutenant colonel. He has won many medals and decorations during his time in the armed forces. Bruce has had many jobs throughout his life. 

Clint Bruce

Early Life:

From a young age on, things went rather smoothly for Clint Bruce. He has raised a native Texan in Dallas. As a child, he spent a lot of time with his father in the military, as he followed in his father’s footsteps as a soldier.

Therefore, he spent his childhood in a military household. Bruce also put in his time at college, earning a degree in economics. The military, though, quickly became his exclusive focus.

Bruce was highly successful in his profession. During his service, he traveled to many different places and was honored with numerous medals.

When he was 42 years old, he finally decided to leave the military. But he continued to be involved in local affairs. He put his spare time toward helping underprivileged kids. He aided in their access to quality medical attention. They had his back in other ways as well. He assisted them in finding housing and returning to school. He cared a lot about these kids and tried his best to provide for them.

He got tired of being in the military and left at some point. After retirement, he planned to settle down and enjoy life. In spite of this, he was intent on maintaining his charitable work. He was convinced that he had untapped potential.


Former Navy Special Warfare Officer, US Naval Academy alum, distinguished athlete, and successful businessman Clint Bruce has quite the resume. While assisting veterans and their families in making a smooth transition from military duty, he is committed to assisting leaders in protecting, performing, enduring, and competing.

Clint Bruce


His senior year at the Navy, he was named to various all-star teams after earning four varsity letters as a middle linebacker for the Navy football team. He played for the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints, and in 2009 he was honored by being inducted into the Navy/Marine Corps Stadium Hall of Fame.

Bruce had an insatiable need to help others. He departed the NFL in 1998     to join Class 217 of the Navy SEALs, and he graduated from BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training) with flying colors. Bruce joined SEAL Team FIVE before and after 9/11 and has been actively involved in numerous deployments across the world in support of national security and counterterrorism efforts.

After retiring from the Navy, Bruce found his true calling in the creation of influential and meaningful institutions.


Clint Bruce’s hobby is motivating others and trying to help old people. Most people are motivated by their hobbies. When you have a hobby, it is important that you keep it. 

It will help you to stay focused on your goals, and it will inspire you to get up in the morning and make a difference in the world. 

For him, a hobby is one that motivates you and encourages you to be a better person. It should allow you to think about something that is good for the world and your life. If you have a hobby, you will have something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning.

People who have hobbies have a better attitude than people who don’t. They have a positive outlook. This is because they are inspired and motivated by their hobby.  They don’t get tired easily, because they know that they have something to do to keep themselves entertained. 

Bruce believes that you should always be motivated by your goals. Motivation is the best tool for getting through difficult times and achieving your goals. You can be motivated by going for a walk around the park. If you are looking to lose weight, you could work out using the elliptical machine. 

A hobby should motivate you to do things that you love. It should help you to stay away from negative thoughts and situations.  You should spend time with people who motivate you and encourage you to do the things you enjoy doing.

Contribution & Awards:

Fought the Global War on Terror both before and after 9/11 as part of SEAL Team V, where he served in a variety of leadership capacities during his deployments.

After assisting in the safe evacuation of over 700 people from the Fairmont Hotel during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the co-founders of Trident Response Group (TRG) established the organization. TRG is a multi-family agency that manages risks for some of the most successful families, businesses, and business leaders in the United States.

Carry the Load (CTL) was established in 2011 as a means of issuing a challenge to the United States of America to better commemorate our lost military personnel on Memorial Day and to memorialize slain first responders during the month of “Memorial May.” Since 2011, CTL has given grants totaling more than $3 million to pre-existing non-profit organizations that serve the military and first responders.

HoldFast was established in 2012 with the goal of providing veterans with a platform from which they can launch successful “second chapters” as professional speakers and leadership coaches. Awardee of the Iwo Jima Leadership Award, given by the Marine Military Academy to recognize outstanding post-military leadership.

Awardee of the Center for Brain Health Legacy Award bestowed by The University of Texas at Dallas in recognition of their contributions to the ground-breaking research conducted by the center as well as their influence on traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress.

award for community contribution given by the Dallas Communities Foundation in the category of “40 Under 40” recipients. Winner of the Megellas Award presented by America’s Future Series in recognition of post-military effect on the community.

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Bruce has more awards than any other Navy Academy athlete in history. He played football for four years, was captain, and most valuable player, and was selected to several all-star teams. In addition, Bruce is one of the rare sportsmen from service academies to have professional contracts.


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$5 Billion

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$1.5 Billion

$1.5 Million

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