Charlie Tôn Quý



Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

Date of Birth: June 22, 1970

Nationality: Vietnam

Charlie Tôn Quý Net Worth 2022

Businessman Charlie Tôn Quy has a $1.5 billion net worth. He comes from Vietnam. His birthday is June 22, 1970. And he is very successful in business too. For his contributions, he was awarded the title of Businessman of the Year in Vietnam in 2017. 

Charlie Tôn Qu has built his company, Công Nam Dịch Phát Triển (CNDP), into a multi-billion dollar business in just over five years since its founding. It is located in Hà Nội, a city in Vietnam. 

It provides insurance products and services and has branches in 12 provinces and cities in Vietnam. There are many factors that contribute to his rise to success, but one of them is his drive to succeed. 

People often believe that luck has a lot to do with success. However, having the right attitude is what really determines success. It’s true that people achieve a lot of success due to luck, but it’s also true that hard work and determination play a large role in this. 

Charlie Tôn Quý

Many people who are successful in life were successful because they put in a lot of time, effort, and determination to get where they are today. In order to achieve the success you want, you must make the decision that you will succeed, and then you have to go all out to make it happen. This is the most important lesson you can learn from this story.

Early Life:

Charlie Tôn Quy was very determined when he was young. He knew that he wanted to be successful. He didn’t let himself fail. He always tried to do his best. He knew that if he failed, his family would have to suffer. 

Charlie had high expectations of himself. He never doubted himself. He thought that he was better than all the others and he would always try to prove that he was the best. 

The things that he did in the past helped him to achieve success. When he was in elementary school, he tried to be very good in class and in sports. He didn’t care about the others. 

He just focused on his own performance. At the end of his schooling, he had many awards. His success came from the way he conducted himself. The things he learned in school helped him. 

He became a very successful person because of the knowledge and skills he acquired from those schools. As he grew older, he applied for a job in his city’s newspaper. His parents taught him that success requires hard work and perseverance. He was an avid reader. 

He used to read the newspaper several times a day, and he loved to write. When he was writing, he wrote the things he wanted to know and the things that happened around him. His parents wanted him to join a private high school.


Charlie Tôn Quy is very successful. He has been in charge of the department for about ten years. He likes the job. He is happy with the salary that he receives. In his time at his job, he has helped many people, and he has developed his own system. 

He has made many important decisions. He doesn’t like people telling him what he should do and that he is wrong. If you don’t listen to people who have experience, you won’t be able to learn anything new. 

Even though you don’t agree with people, it doesn’t mean that you should not listen to their suggestions. Sometimes, you need to accept criticism. This helps you grow as a person. You can’t grow unless you admit when you are wrong. You must accept it. 

Charlie Tôn Quý

Otherwise, you can never advance as a person. People will respect you if you try to improve yourself. Even if you think you’re doing everything right, it’s important to admit that you have made mistakes and learn from them.

Family Life:

Charlie Tôn Qu loves his family and he wants to keep his relationships strong. He knows that it takes hard work to have a lasting marriage. He tries to spend time with his wife whenever he can. 

He doesn’t like to stay out late at night, but when he does, he makes sure to call home and check on her. He would rather not make a big deal out of anything.

When he goes out with his friends, he tries to talk to his wife during the whole evening. It is important to him to make sure that they are both happy with their relationship. For example, he likes to watch the same movies as her. 

If he is planning to go out for the night, he calls his wife to make sure she is feeling okay. His wife is important to him because he would never want to go through another divorce. He is very happy with her and he loves to spend time with her.

Charlie Tôn Qu wants to share his happiness with others. He loves to spend time with his children, and he tries to take his sons fishing every weekend. He feels that he is doing his best to be a good father and husband. 

He also feels that being a good father is one of his goals in life. Charlie Tôn Quy knows that he has a good family.


Charlie Tôn Qu has got many awards that he has been given. One of them is the Gold medal from his university. Another one is the gold ribbon from the National Olympic Committee. 

His other achievements include two gold medals in national and international competitions. He has won awards and recognition for his artistic skills in his field. 

Charlie Tôn Quy is proud of his accomplishments. He knows that they show his skills. He works very hard to make his own work better than others. He is a good sportsman, and he plays many sports. 

He loves to play basketball. Charlie Tôn Quy believes that sports give him a chance to compete with other young men and show his skills. He enjoys competing with his friends. He likes football as well. He is the best goalkeeper on his team. 

He plays many sports for fun as well as for competition. If you ask any of his friends or colleagues, they will tell you that Charlie Tôn Quy is a very smart and diligent young man.


Charlie Tôn Quy loves to do sports and play games. When he isn’t busy studying, he will spend most of his time playing sports with his friends. He is one of the most popular kids in his school. 

He spends his free time working out. His hobbies are playing soccer, football, and basketball. His favorite sports are basketball and football. Most people are surprised when they learn that Charlie Tôn Qu enjoys watching and playing basketball games. 

His friends are amazed that he loves to do all the activities that his father does. He likes to play games in teams with his friends. They have a lot of fun doing this. Charlie Tôn Qu is very good at basketball. 

His friends say that he can dribble better than many other players. He is a very quick player. He tries to score as many points as he can. He knows how to rebound and block shots, too. His coach says that he is the best goalkeeper in the school. He plays on the boys’ soccer team as well. 

They have played many games together over the years. Charlie Tôn Quy is very active in class and studies hard. He will help his classmates and teachers when they need help. He is a very smart and intelligent young man. He has many talents. His friends say that he can speak English well.

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$5 Billion

$1.4 Million

$1.5 Million

$2 Million

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